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BEATLEMANIA NOW comes to Manatee Players!

BEATLEMANIA NOW comes to the Riverfront Theatre in Bradenton for 4 big shows on July 7th through the 11th.

Phil Roura of the New York Daily News calls the show "A FAB FORCE" and says, "Every now and then a show comes along that doesn't just entertain but also has a sense of history. That's exactly what you'll get at Beatlemania Now, a tribute to the Fab Four...

Large in spirit... rich in substance... Beatlemania Now is quite extraordinary. Created with affection for its subject matter, it enriches the present while honoring the past."

Through 7 scenes and 6 costume changes the shows' cast performs live on stage against a backdrop of stunning images spanning the most exciting and turbulent decade of modern times... the 60's!

Roura further writes, "As a Beatles' songbook opens, a grainy portrait of the 1960's and 70's unfolds on the screen. One moment, there is the innocence of Kennedy's Camelot. Next the searing loss of JFK's assassination. The image flickers and then Martin Luther King Jr. dreaming of a different America, flashes onto the screen. In an instant it is over, consumed by the horrors of Vietnam and the drug culture it spawned.

All of these events influenced the Beatles - from their pop music beginnings in Liverpool through their triumphant invasion of America in 1964 and their eventual breakup.

Audiences get that feeling of the passage of time as timeless songs like "She Loves You", "Yesterday" and "Strawberry Fields Forever", are played, climaxing with "Hey Jude".

It's an exhilarating performance. From the moment this amazing cast of ersatz Beatles appears in their tight dark suits and skinny ties, audience members remain under their spell... And although they're all Americans they sound as if they've just stepped off a plane from Liverpool.

It's a show that should have you singing along, dancing in the aisles and experiencing emotions you thought were long forgotten."

Beatlemania Now... the music transcends time and generations... a "must see and hear" experience for all ages!

Don't miss BEATLEMANIA NOW! Seating is limited so reserve tickets now at boxoffice@manateeplayers.com or at 941-748-5875

BEATLEMANIA NOW at www.beatlemanianow.com