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ManaTEENs visit Maritime Museum and FISH Preserve

The Florida Maritime Museum is one of Manatee County's historical sites that is open to the public. Located just of Cortez Road in the restored 1912 schoolhouse, visitors can learn about the heritage of Florida's Gulf Coast and see historic vessels that are restored and recreated.

The sailor’s rule for survival in a gale at sea is that you “give one hand for the ship and one hand for yourself”, so become a volunteer crewmember and give a hand. Our crew is what keeps this vessel underway. Come help build boats, do research about maritime history, teach classes, give tours, build exhibits about maritime history, plan special events and more. Contact us for information, (941) 708-6120.

Another interesting aspect of the museum is its joint connection with the Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritage. This week as part of Summer of Service students have been collecting glass that will be take 1 million years to break down. Over 100 pounds of trash have already been removed from the site which was once an old landfill.