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Darwin Leon and Fabulous Funky Furniture

ArtCenter Manatee’s next exhibits feature the abstract paintings of Darwin Leon and the world of 3-D art in the form of furniture and decorations in an unusual mixture of fantasy and fun paired with functionality.

Darwin Leon sees the art of painting as an imaginative search for tentative answers to the mysterious challenges of life and finds expression for his humor and imagination through his abstract images. He works to include humor as a foundation for serious commentary, so people can grasp the meaning without feeling too offended by the message. Darwin is the Founder of the Figure Network, as seen on You Tube. Darwin’s work has been shown at a number of galleries on both the east and west coasts of Florida. He is currently a drawing instructor at ArtCenter Manatee and will teach “Modern Modes of Expression” this summer.

Expect the unexpected in the Fabulous Funky Furniture exhibit featuring work by local artists Colleen Cassidy Berns, Dana Clarke, Greg Creech, Floyd Gompf, Jorge Gutarra, DongHuy Kim, Ray Melinder, Marge Schemansky and The Tapestry Artists of Sarasota (TAOS). TAOS is composed of five experienced tapestry artists (Becky Stevens, John Nicholson, Lynn Mayne, Pat Looper and Terri Stewart) who came together in 1997 with the shared interest of exhibiting their work and promoting the art of handwoven tapestry. Three of the TAOS artists have been selected to display their work in the American Tapestry Alliance’s Biennial International Juried Exhibition. Their tapestries were selected from the more than 100 pieces that were submitted for entry into the exhibition by artists representing fifteen different countries.

Exhibitions will be open from April 27th through May 22nd with the opening reception April 30th from 5-7P.M. The suggested donation is $5. RSVP by calling 941-746-2862.