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Readers' pets

Here is a photo of my Rottweiler, Damien. Damien was 8-weeks-old when my mother bought him as a Christmas gift for me in 1999, two weeks after my previous Rottweiler, Adolph, died of heart failure at age 8.

Damien is now 9 and has recently been diagnosed with kidney failure. He has to eat a low-protein diet and must be hydrated daily by inserting a needle into the scruff of his neck.

The treatment is becoming a little costly, and he really hates it, but he is a trooper through all of this and he seems to be doing well, though kidney failure is irreversible. The treatment could slow down the kidney failure enough that he simply dies of old age (10-12 years for a Rottweiler) or he could go in a few months.

He will not live in pain though and he hasn’t as of yet. As hard as it may be to have him euthanized one day, he will go knowing that he was, is, and always will be loved.

The picture I have decided to post is a silly one that I took Feb. 10. I chose this picture because anybody that knows “Dimmie,” as we call him, knows what a clown he really is and what a charmer he can be, and just the idea of any dog, especially a Rottweiler wearing 3-D glasses is not only undignified, but absolutely ridiculous! He just has this look as if he were saying “OK, if you really must do this to me, just take the picture and get it over with.”

— Damien lives with his owner, Scott McQuillen, of Sarasota