Fishing & Boating

Fishing & Boating

Boat show offers plenty of fishing education

I love boating and fishing shows. I’m not talking about the ones on TV, although there are many good ones, but the shows that fill up convention centers and fairgrounds with informative seminars, innovative tackle, new boats and all the other goodies that give fisherman the kid in the candy store feeling.


Weekly photo gallery of fish caught inshore and offshore of Manatee County

Changing water and weather conditions over the past week may have made fishing more challenging, but it didn’t stop locals and visitors from landing a number of notable catches in area rivers, Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. A collection of images submitted by area captains (note: captains are encouraged to email photos to by noon on Sunday each week in order for the images to be considered for inclusion in the weekly gallery):


Chapman Outdoors: Sailfish catch a big surprise to a snookered fishing buddy

I love baseball. It's very similar to fishing with the moments of excitement surrounded by plenty of downtime. This leaves creative time for pranks and goofing around. Perhaps one of the best moments is when a player hits his first career home run, and his teammates in the dugout seemingly ignore him before all coming together in celebration. Harmless and hilarious.