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Congress should fix flood insurance, children’s health insurance before Christmas

A mobile home park in Manatee after Hurricane Irma struck.
In memory of Dan Blalock Jr., a great soul
Skyway Bridge race will cut off route for hospital workers
DeSoto Square mall needs a grocery store
Homeless hangouts throughout Bradenton encourage substance abuse
Alliance colleges commit to STEM program growth
Steve Lopez: Bel-Air fire displays L.A.’s extremes of wealth and misery
Trudy Rubin: Pence visits Jerusalem at Christmas but brings no peace
Jules Witcover: Who can save the GOP?
Kevin Acee: Hall's bells must toll for Trevor Hoffman this time
Mark Phelan: Don't waste money buying premium gas for vehicles that don't need it, AAA says
Jonah Goldberg: If he's lost Fox viewers–
How Marco Rubio forced the GOP’s hand on the child tax credit
Hal Brands: Wilsonian tradition has been pushed aside
Commentary: Jones won in Alabama because black men and women turned out in unprecedented numbers.

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