Active shooter reported at Fort Lee, Virginia; base on lockdown

August 25, 2014 09:46 AM

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  • Washington police fail to bring home the bacon as pig eludes police once more

    Tukwila Police Department has appealed for help in finding an elusive runaway with several aliases and a talent for evading capture. Tukwila officers are on the trail of a pig named Monty. First known as Wilbur, before being named by officers in the Washington city as Nelson, the fugitive is now being identified as Monty. Since January 2, the fleet-hoofed Monty has given officers the runaround after being sighted a number of times, featuring in images and videos shared by Tukwila PD on their social media accounts.The latest twist in the tale at the time of writing came courtesy of a Facebook post from the police which noted that, while Monty actually appears in one image where an officer is chasing him, he still proved too clever for local law enforcement. “Monty has continued his felonious streak and escaped from us again. We had him briefly cornered but he sprinted past us. We located his owner and spoke with him. We also came across a rooster and some chickens.” Not ones to give up, the cops added, “We are in pursuit of Monty again!”