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I've always gone through ebbs and flows with my body. I've tried every crash diet and trendy workout craze, only to come to the same conclusion every time: It's not for me. When it came down to it, I hated working out, and I loathed restricting myself even more. I love food. I wasn't willing to give that up just to shed a couple pounds.

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Health Happenings: Feb. 9

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Parenting | Teen's electronics need parental control

Q: We would like to limit our 16-year-old son's video game and cellphone time. We think homework should come first and then free time. He wants to relax with his video game and phone after school which frequently results in homework not being done before he must attend a two-hour team practice at 7 p.m. That means he's not done with homework until around midnight and struggles the next morning to get out of bed. What is a fair requirement concerning his electronics or an appropriate punishment if he cannot get up in the morning and be ready on time?

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Chronic pain meets worries about opioid addiction

Gregorian chant filled my ears as I looked out the floor-to-ceiling window of the town gym. The morning sunlight hit the yoga studio's floor in beams, shadows dancing as cardinals hopped from branch to branch on the trees outside, everything connected, just as it should be during yoga.