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The Mortgage Professor: Planning for retirement: The missing piece

While there is no shortage of retirement advice or retirement advisers, many consumers who distrust both slide into retirement with little preparation – other than having grown older. Some of the reasons for this lie deep in the human psyche, beyond any practical remedy. But there is one important factor that discourages retirement planning that is remediable: that is the lack of effective retirement planning tools that retirees have the capacity to use. To fill that lack, my colleague Allan Redstone and I decided to construct a simple retirement planning calculator and make it freely available to anyone.

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His entrepreneurial drive survived recession and cancer

LOS ANGELES – Ed Sachse, 56, has toiled in the real estate field since he started a window-washing business as a teen in Detroit. Today he is president of property services for Kennedy Wilson, overseeing its brokers and 21 million square feet of retail, office, industrial and apartment properties across the U.S. from the firm's Beverly Hills headquarters.


Common (and costly) home repairs

Unexpected repairs can cause financial stress for homeowners. When crises occur, homeowners can find themselves in a financial pinch, needing to rely on professionals like a general contractor to get the issue fixed quickly. Emergency repairs typically come with hefty price tags, but with proper planning, you can avoid draining your bank account.