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Increase your home's value with these 4 DIY remodeling projects

Now that it's summer, you're busy making plans for vacations and backyard barbecues. While you're at it, you might want to also consider remodeling projects that will increase your home's value. Investing a little time and money in your residence now can seriously pay off if you decide to put it on the market down the road.


Major cities where home prices are plummeting

Real estate prices concern everyone, whether you own a home or are renting one. Affordability and cost of living are crucial factors when trying to make long-term plans, find new jobs, or deciding where and when to make an investment. Price bubbles come and go, and jobs move from one area to another.

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Real estate Q&A: Promises made in wills and trusts can change on a whim

Q: I have been living with my girlfriend in her condo for the past 15 years. She has stated in her living trust and will that I can continue to live in the condo after she dies, and then it would belong to her son. Now she has changed her mind because her son wants me out as soon as she passes away. Can she do that, and would I have to leave my home?