Gulf Coast Cooking

Julian Brunt

Gulf Coast Cooking by Julian Brunt

Gulf Coast Cooking

Truly grits: Regionally grown rice takes on different form

When you think of rice production in the South, you probably think first of Louisiana or Arkansas. Louisiana plants about 449,999 acres in rice every year, but Arkansas plants even more. Poor old Mississippi lags behind with just 185,543 acres in rice, but sometimes it's not how much you plant, but the quality of the harvest.

Gulf Coast Cooking

Sausage dishes hit the spot on a fall day

Nothing warms the heart of a carnivore like a sizzling sausage sputtering and spattering in the frying pan. It fills the kitchen with a wonderful aroma, and few people can withstand the anticipation of the meal to come. Think of the countless ways this little bundle of goodness can be served.

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