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Grilled cheese festival set for Saturday in Sutton Park

The second Palmetto Grilled Cheese Festival is scheduled for Saturday in Sutton Park. Admission and parking are free

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How to turn tough cuts into tender dinner

The more devoted PrepSchoobeeDoBees among you may recall we first broached the topic of braising about 10 years back. Today, a little refresher. Heed its lessons, and practice its tenets, and soon you'll be thinking, “Well, who knows what fresh hell the future may bring, but, sweet mother of pearl, at least I can braise a piece of meat.”=

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Enchilada ring makes plenty of servings

This Enchilada Ring is not only big on flavor, but low in fat and calories, too. The outside base is made with reduced-fat crescent rolls that are folded over of filling of chili-spiced chicken, olives and canned greened chilies. Don’t worry about the lengthy ingredient list, most are pantry staples. And for the cooked shredded chicken? Use rotisserie chicken.

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Go crisp or rich for wines with earthy black bean and bacon soup

Among our pantry staples, a can of black beans is pre-eminent – you can do so much with them, side dish, salads, soups, more. A little doctoring in this recipe transforms the simple legumes into a soup studded with earthy flavors of bacon and the freshness of red bell peppers. For a wine companion, you can go crisp or rich, as with these choices.

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Helping family prepare to host church services brightens dreary winter days

We had a few days of sunshine, which we very much appreciated. A person is so much more energetic and life looks better when the day is sunny. We had a lot of gloomy January days when we didn’t see the sun too often. With all the solar panels we have, that can be a bad thing. We managed, although we had to use the generator to charge up the big battery packs when the sun didn’t shine.


Making peppermint candy

Piedmont Candy, located in Lexington, N.C., is famous for its corn syrup-free peppermints. Watch how they're made just in time for the holidays.
Justine Miller Charlotte Observer
Making peppermint candy 2:46

Making peppermint candy

Turkey 101: How to cook a turkey 3:26

Turkey 101: How to cook a turkey

How to spatchcock a turkey, it's easier than you think 3:29

How to spatchcock a turkey, it's easier than you think

How to make classic Green Bean Casserole 1:05

How to make classic Green Bean Casserole