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Golfing legend Arnold Palmer, 87, dies

Palmer rose from a blue-collar background to become part of the sport’s royalty – he was colloquially known on the PGA tour as “The King” – and frequent playing partner of U.S. presidents. He left an indelible mark on the world of golf in the form of nearly 300 signature – designed courses, and Arnold Palmer Enterprises, which handled his endorsements and other ventures, helped make Palmer the first golfer to make his name a worldwide franchise.


Bradenton man’s ‘Glock 9MM Fishing’ video goes viral

First, Bradenton’s Courtland Hunt motivated a couple of Bradenton engineers to create a sound suppressor for a 9MM Glock handgun so he could fire it while diving 100 feet underwater without damaging his eardrums. Then, once that was done, he decided to shoot lionfish with it. Then, he made a video of the shoot and put it on YouTube. The rest is history...


A farewell to golf legend Arnold Palmer, who died Sunday

For the last several decades of his life, Arnold Palmer had shown up at golf tournaments without much of a game and no chance to win. He would shoot his 80’s and 82’s, frown at the bogeys and smile at the crowds, and we would nod and say, “Good for you, Arnie.” The fact is, if he shot 90 or 100, he was still Arnie and that’s what we came to see. Him, not his birdies.


Golfing legend Arnold Palmer dies at 87

Arnold Palmer, 87, whose looks, charisma and personality helped bring the game of golf out from the private country clubs to the masses, died Sunday after being ill for several months, the U.S. Golf Association and Golf Digest reported.


As kindergarten ratchets up academics, parents feel the stress

A study comparing teacher attitudes in 1998 and 2010 turned up some startling answers. For instance, in 1998, 31 percent of teachers said they believed that most children should learn to read in kindergarten, but by 2010, 80 percent held that belief. Some parents have come to view the first year of school not as a transition but as a make-or-break gauntlet that will shape their child’s academic career.