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Take hurricane precautions

Got an evacuation plan? Know where the nearest shelter is? What about pets? And family living elsewhere in the county? Is your home in a flood zone? Complacency about hurricanes can be fatal.

Letters to the Editor

Only voters can stop ‘Trumpism’

Isolationism in the late ’30s promoted a neutral United States to keep us out of the European conflict. Some Americans even flirted with Nazism around the same time. Communism has had followers here, and socialism seems to be recycled periodically. Now there’s a new and dangerous philosophy raising it’s ugly head, Trumpism.


"Narrow window of opportunity" to keep Zika from spreading, says CDC

“We have a narrow window of opportunity to scale up programs, to figure out how the virus is spreading, to stop it, and to develop a vaccine," said Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Anthony Fauci after a meeting with President Barack Obama. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, joined him in a video message released by the White House.