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Dining guide: June 22-28

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‘The Book of Henry’ is irresistible because it’s so confounding

The best films are the ones that require some active, alert viewing. They depend upon a degree of audience interpretation and provide a minimum of predigested pablum. They are films that cannot be reviewed, let alone discussed, in the traditional way. They are dense, vibrant and they keep us off balance until the final fade out. Ideally even longer.


‘Cars 3’ a slow-paced tale of a car’s mid-life crisis

There are lots of races in “Cars 3.” There are races in big stadiums, on dirt tracks, on simulators, and even through the woods with the headlights out. The races, almost too many to count, take up an enormous amount of screen time, so if you’re someone who can’t get enough of contests between animated automobiles, this movie is a dream come true.


‘The Mummy’ can’t quite wrap things up

There is so much riding on “The Mummy,” far more than its skeletal shoulders should have to withstand. The studio behind the summer horror-adventure flick, Universal, is kicking off its “Dark Universe,” with the film, its answer to the Marvel or DC cinematic universes. So they’re dusting off the familiar names that have graced cinemas for nearly a century now, like “Bride of Frankenstein” and “Creature from the Black Lagoon.” Those, and other monsters, were popularized in the 1930s with the Val Lewton gothic monster flicks, effectively inventing horror filmmaking as we know it. Universal is hoping audiences might still have an appetite for these titles.