Toni Whitt

Toni Whitt is business editor of the Bradenton Herald. 748-0411, ext. 7087,

Jerry Osteryoung

Jerome S. Osteryoung is director of outreach services at the Jim Moran Institute in the College of Business at Florida State University. (850) 294-7477,

Wayne Scroggins

Wayne Scroggins is president and owner of Scroggins Insurance Agency. (941) 795-1500,

Focus on Manatee

  • Mary Helen Kress is president and CEO of Suncoast Workforce. (941) 358-4080.
  • Robert P. Bartz is president of the Manatee Chamber of Commerce. (941) 748-3411,
  • Sharon Hillstrom is president of the Manatee Economic Development Corp., (941) 748-4842, ext. 128.
  • Elliott Falcione is executive director of the Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. (941) 729-9177, ext. 222.

Investor Column

  • Mike Miele is a financial planner with MGA Insurance, (941) 907-3828
  • Gary Plum is a financial adviser with Morgan Stanley, (941) 714-7933
  • Karin Grablin is a wealth adviser at SRQ Wealth Management,(941) 556-9004
  • Tom Breiter is owner/financial planner with Breiter Capital, (941) 778-1900
  • Griffin Dalrymple is an investment manager with Opinicus Wealth Management. (941) 896-9909
  • Kris Flammang, co-founder of LPF Financial Advisors, is a chartered retirement planning counselor. (941) 907-0101
  • Tom Roberts is owner of A New Approach Financial Planning in Lakewood Ranch and Sarasota. (941) 927-9590,
  • Gardner Sherrill is a Certified Financial Planner with Sherrill Wealth Management, (941) 462-2255,

Technology Column

  • Kathy Durfee is CEO and Founder at TechHouse. (941) 756-2602,
  • Stephen Jaynes is Vice President of Sales at xByte Technologies. (941) 358-9770,


Joan Krauter

Joan Krauter is Executive Editor of the Bradenton Herald. (941) 748-0411, ext. 2000,

Vin Mannix

Vin Mannix, a columnist for the Bradenton Herald, writes about people and issues in Manatee County. (941) 748-0411, ext. 7055,


Jason Bartolone

Jason Bartolone is East Manatee editor of the Bradenton Herald. (941) 745-7011


Martin Clear

Features writer/columnist Martin Clear shares his thoughts on Bradenton-Sarasota arts, theater and music as well as the national entertainment scene. (941) 748-0411


Faith and Values


Alan Dell

Alan Dell writes about high school, college and professional sports in Manatee County and Tampa Bay. (941) 745-7080, ext. 2112,

John Lembo

John Lembo covers all high school sports, spring training and other sports in Manatee County and Tampa Bay. (941) 748-0411, ext. 2097,

Jason Dill

Jason Dill covers golf and all community sports in Manatee County. (941) 748-0411, ext. 7017,