Liberal lambasting of Hobby Lobby decision misses mark

July 18, 2014 

In her July 12 letter, Myra Jones lambasts religious fundamentalists (read Republicans and Christians in general) for their approval of the recent SCOTUS decision that allows closely-held corporations to exempt the inclusion of four abortion-inducing medications from those included under company-paid health care plans.

In the Hobby Lobby case, 16 other contraceptives are still approved and paid for by Hobby Lobby.

Jones goes on to say that this is not a Christian nation when; in fact, surveys indicate that upwards of 80 percent of our citizens identify as Christians; and Christian doctrine almost universally believes that life begins at conception and therefore abortion is unacceptable.

Jones thinks that because of this ruling, Muslims and Christian Scientists could force employees to abide by the teachings of their religion. But hooray, government protects citizens rights when the private sector would deny them.

She further equates Christians with the radical southern Democrats of the 1960s who routinely denied blacks their rights, and says that Christians are hypocrites because they "love government intrusion that supports their beliefs like the war on women."

Why is it, then, that liberals are the first to embrace any government plan to control individual behavior?

Then, in unadulterated liberal dogma, she says that companies using infrastructure financed by government (we, the taxpayers) "have no right to discriminate against any taxpayers who pay for resources allowing them to operate." Corporations pay taxes too.

There's no war on women and no danger that the recent SCOTUS ruling will allow Christians to wreak havoc on the rights of citizens.

However, as is usual in such cases, liberals, when they feel that government control may be threatened, make mountains out of molehills.

Donald Doherty


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