Left-wing grasping at straws over Hobby Lobby ruling

July 18, 2014 

I am writing in regards to Myra Jones' letter dated July 12. Miss Jones, in her outrage at the Hobby Lobby court decision, asks the question, "But how will they feel when a company owned by a Muslim forces employees to follow Sharia law and pray to Mecca?"

The fact that Miss Jones has to make such a ridiculous comparison that is not based in reality shows that she is grasping at straws and has no reasonable argument to make.

She is implying that Hobby Lobby's right to not offer a few birth control options (which they see as a form of abortion) out of the many available is equal to forcing their employees to practice a religion. This is illogical.

For those who believe as Miss Jones does, this is not an issue of freedom. This is just another attack on Christianity and left-wing panic over their belief in unfettered abortion.

Marjorie Meehan


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