Washington ignoring needs of American children

July 18, 2014 

In regards to Keli Goff's commentary on July 11, "What about American kids?", I agree with her.

Goff writes, "Some expect the president to expend his limited capital helping the children who are not his responsibility at the expense of children who are."

She is absolutely right.

Goff talks about the violence happening in our own cities and the children trapped in poverty there. What about them?

To be honest I think there is too much "spreading the wealth around" -- that is, taking property from one segment of society and giving it to the other -- but I also believe in the saying "charity begins at home."

If my tax dollars are going to be used for someone less fortunate then, darn it, it better be for one of my fellow Americans!

Because of failed Washington policies, our children are facing a future with less opportunity and more taxation. Now they have to worry about competing for jobs that are paying less and less because of the cheap labor coming over the border?

Who in Washington is looking out for the best interests of American children? Why is a country in economic danger sending the hard-earned money of their citizenry overseas to countries that hate us?

It is time to take care of our own children, our own families, our own communities!

Chrissy Blevio


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