Ellenton man nabbed for two-month-old Manatee burglary

July 16, 2014 

Manatee County Sheriff's Office logo

MANATEE — A 35-year-old Ellenton man has been charged with burglary by the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

Michael Taylor of the 1000 block of 32nd Avenue Driver East in Ellenton was arrested in connection with a burglary sometime May 21, according to deputies.

The burglary in the 1000 block of 32nd Avenue Drive East in Ellenton was reported June 25. Several items in an unlocked shed, last seen in May, were located by a pawn search, deputies reported.

Taylor reportedly pawned the stolen items at Cash America Pawn in Palmetto for $135 and later pawned other stolen items from the victims for $50. Taylor reportedly was linked to the transaction by his right thumb print at the pawn shop attesting the items were his.

Four arrest warrants were submitted July 9 to the courthouse and Taylor was arrested at his residence Wednesday night.

Manatee County jail information as to his bail and charges were not immediately available.

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