Obama cause of migration of children into this country

July 16, 2014 

If you are a typical caring American and someone dropped a child on your front porch in the middle of the night, you would likely not turn the child away all alone. On the other hand that doesn't mean you would adopt the child either.

You would care for it until the authorities and Child Protective Services could get involved.

But what if someone had spread the word to millions of poor families in a foreign land that if they got their child to your porch steps, you would not turn it away, but care for it and soon they could join their child there, too.

Every day hundreds of children would land upon your porch. But what kind of a person would utter such a lie and put children in harms way making it to your house?

What kind of a person would offer such an incentive that parents would entrust their children to drug runners and pimps to put them on the outside of trains hanging on for dear life, or crossing hot deserts to get to your home to push some agenda on immigration.

That kind of man is our President Obama. He is an uncaring tyrant who uses poor children as pawns for his political and socialist ends.

Children die in the journey, and many are turned into child slaves and prostitutes. Their bodies rot in our desert and go uncounted for on the long trail here.

And Obama will not go see the results of his policies nor stop the induced migration.

I propose that every governor in every state load up every child who comes to their state and bus them one way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. so Mr. Obama can have the problem come to his porch. Let the problem visit him.

David R. Kraner


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