Republican Party failing to help solve nation's problems

July 15, 2014 

Is the Republican Party broken? Our government works best when there are strong liberal and conservative parties which: argue, debate and eventually come to a consensus to solve our nation's problems.

That system has broken down due to a small fraction of extremists in the Republican Party who are preventing our Congress from doing its job.

Wealthy, corporate interests have co-opted the Tea Party movement to run, support and elect increasingly fanatic, fringe candidates.

Consequently, formerly moderate Republicans have become afraid to express their own real views in primary races or even through their votes in Congress.

We are left with a Congress that will not pass or even bring to a vote legislation our country desperately needs. This includes both the day-to-day operation of our government and larger, more pressing issues.

We desperately need to pass immigration reform to address problems on our border and within our communities. But Speaker Boehner is afraid to bring any immigration bill to a vote.

The normally routine infrastructure funding bill, due to expire Aug. 1, is in jeopardy. Issues such as student loans, minimum wage, gun control, and climate change are not being addressed.

Now President Obama is asking Congress to pass a $3.7 billion supplemental funding bill to address the humanitarian crisis posed by thousands of children streaming across our southern border. Will Republicans merely politicize this crisis or work with the president to solve it?

We can all remember when Republicans touted themselves as the party who "reached across the aisle." Now they are afraid to even be perceived as negotiating with Democrats or the president.

Our government has come to a standstill and we all are experiencing the consequences.

Republicans have lost their ability to govern. Unless that changes, they can expect big losses in this fall's election.

James Frazier


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