Who was dishonest about U.S. war with Iraq?

July 15, 2014 

With Iraq dissolving into the same three factions that were unwisely forged into that country by a British diplomat many decades ago, some interesting letters have been surfacing in the paper.

The WMD issue that President Bush used as a rational for the invasion has once again been raised by some writers.

I remember well that a UN inspection team was finally getting the unfettered access they required and asked for the last week and half to finish their inspections. President Bush refused them that time and they were forced to leave in the face of the impending invasion.

WMD's were never found (just jet fuel) and justification for the war was shifted. It's obvious now why the inspection team was not allowed to finish their job.

Did Saddam Hussein gas the Kurds? Of course he did. How did this despicable act come to happen? With the declassification of documents from the Iraq/Iran war, it is now confirmed that U.S. corporations were the source of the toxins.

It turns out that 19 years ago, during the Reagan administration, Donald Rumsfeld, then a successful pharmaceutical industry executive, met secretly with the Iraqi dictator and arranged enormous military assistance for his war.

That assistance allowed President Bush to cry "he gassed his own people."

The ensuing war was so much about U.S. tax dollars supporting corporate profits.

As some are obsessing about an embassy attack and talking of impeachment. I think it would serve us well to remember the cost of Iraq: 4,000 of America's bravest and finest heroes, four times that many terribly wounded and disfigured, debilitating psychological conditions, the suicide rate exceeding battleground deaths. Oh yes, and a trillion dollars that went where? Who misled us?

Robert Zanders


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