Extremists possess Iraqi chemical weapon rockets

July 15, 2014 

In the July 9 Bradenton Herald, it was reported that a vast former chemical weapons facility northwest of Baghdad had fallen to an extremist group. As you reported, "... where 2,500 chemical rockets filled with the deadly nerve agent sarin or their remnants were stored along with other chemical warfare agents."

It went on to say, "... bunkers 13 and 41, in the sprawling complex, which according to a 2004 U.N. report, also contained the toxic agent sodium cyanide..."

For years we have been told Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. Now it appears terrorists have acquired weapons that could kill huge numbers of people. Those terrorists want to destroy Israel and the United States.

It's a good thing our southern border is secured so they could never smuggle WMD's in here and use them on our cities. Oh wait, we can't even keep thousands of young children from crossing our border so how can we keep out terrorists and their weapons? God help us all.

Ken Washio


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