Obama should be removed from office any which way

July 15, 2014 

In response to Franklin Roberts' letter "Military coup shows political frustration at polls." I, for one, would hate for it to happen, but what do you do with a lawless president who does not care about the law or the Constitution of the United States of America.

This gutless Congress gave the authority to this lawless president to lock people up without due process for as long as he deems necessary, and he can even declare martial law without the Congress or Senate approval.

He does not care about our borders being invaded daily by illegal aliens and terrorists. All these children and gang members coming across our southern border need to be sent back ASAP and no more money spent on this situation.

Now more than half of this country realizes it was a huge mistake to elect such a man. He is lawless and needs to be either impeached or arrested.

By the way, the next generation coming up behind us is fed up with liberals and progressives big time. They see that our country is a Republic that gives us certain freedoms the liberals and progressives want to take away from us.

Mike McLeod


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