Let Iraq divide itself into three countries

July 14, 2014 

Loved "The American way of war" by Joseph Ellis (Opinion column, July 3). Mr. Ellis expresses himself very well. Succinct and directly to the point.

His depth of history presents proof of a definite method of inflaming the people for the justification of war. Loved his comparison of Iraq and Vietnam.

I am not sure why people of my generation are not thoroughly enraged of our repetition of the same mistakes. As one expert put it: "What will we, in essence, accomplish in this long and protracted war?"

A thousand years of religious dissension and hatred cannot be solved by our "good intentions." I agree that this country will one day be split into at least three components based on religion and ideology. Why not expedite this process and get out of their way?

Terrorists do not reside only in Iraq and Afghanistan. They might be waiting at our borders for all we know. Let us stop the total waste of men, women and money in this troubled area of the world. Our resources can be utilized on much better causes.

David Phipps


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