Soap opera updates: July 13

Creators SyndicateJuly 13, 2014 

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Bill takes responsibility for Quinn being in everyone's lives. Horrified by Quinn's actions, Wyatt demands answers from her regarding her dangerous antics. Hope is having a difficult time dealing with the fact that Bill is going to be a part of her family someday. Bill is surprised to discover that Deacon was really the one behind Liam being saved from true harm. Wyatt learns that Quinn has taken refuge in an undisclosed location. Oliver confronts Maya on whether her contempt against him is spawned from jealousy and lingering feelings toward him. Bill begins to make significant changes in the protocols that Katie implemented during her time as president of Spencer Publications. Ivy Forrester arrives in Los Angeles for a visit, which puts her in the right place at the right time. Ridge pleads with Katie to keep his heartbreaking secret. Haunted by memories of his accident, Ridge begins to have flashbacks of an important detail regarding the incident. Having bonded over a life-threatening event, Wyatt and Liam appreciate the new brotherly relationship between them. Bill and Brooke discuss how they are going to make up for their interrupted wedding in Abu Dhabi.

SNEAK PEEK: A ghostly visit.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Nicole offers EJ her help. Clyde arrives in Salem and tracks down Jordan. Brady decides to take a different approach with John. Theresa and Brady party hard in Vegas. Clyde breaks into Jordan's apartment. Clyde spies on Jordan and Ben. Brady lashes out at John and leaves him with a chilling threat. Eve "fires" Daniel... only to ask him out on a date.Sami and EJ have a major confrontation. Marlena unveils a hidden talent in order to save the gala.

SNEAK PEEK: A father and son fistfight.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: A car accident in Port Charles sends loved ones to General hospital. Delia and Ava conspire to obtain the incriminating recording to use against Sonny. Nina closely observes Kiki. As Alice's health deteriorates, Michael wonders what she was about to tell him about Tracy. Tracy blackmails Alice. Delia proceeds to obtain the flash drive in order to bring down Sonny. Sparks of passion fly when Shawn and Jordan have a heated argument. Silas blames himself for Rafe's downward spiral. Levi warns Nathan not to reveal information about his visa. Maxie thinks Nathan conspired to try to get Levi deported. Now that they have discovered there is a new player in the mob, Anna and Jordan discuss their next strategies. Brad walks in on a close moment between Lucas and Felix. Maxie tries to sort out her conflicting feelings for Nathan.

SNEAK PEEK: Ric wants to return.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: After seeing Faith's drawing of Nick and Sharon getting married, Sharon and Nick discuss where they're headed as a couple. Nick tells Sharon about Mariah's connection to Ian. Billy tells Victoria about Stitch's connection to Kelly. Victoria is furious that Billy keeps looking for dirt on Stitch and runs out, leaving Billy wondering how this went so wrong. Kelly warns Stitch that he is out of time -- he needs to tell Victoria the truth. Stitch calls Chelsea out on still digging into his past and wonders what's in it for her. Chelsea admits her feelings to Billy. Austin runs into Noah and Courtney at the roof deck at the GCAC. Even though they can't change Summer's mind, Noah and Courtney decide they can still look out for her. Courtney gives Summer a hard time about Austin. Later, Summer opens up to Sharon about Austin and Sharon gives her some advice. Meanwhile, Jack asks for Nick's help with ending things between Summer and Austin. Though he wants to protect Summer, Nick says he won't interfere. Nikki admits to Paul that if she had known Dylan was his, she never would have given him up. Dylan goes to visit Paul and is surprised to see that Austin has come to check up on him. Devon admits to Cane that he is afraid that if he doesn't stay away from Hilary, he will end up breaking his dad's heart. Lily and Hilary exchange words, and a comment by Hilary sends Lily over the edge. Cane and Devon are stunned when Lily lashes out at Hilary. Lily wonders why Cane is so nervous that Devon is with Hilary.

SNEAK PEEK: Jack warns Austin.

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