Mary Cantrell, Frank Brunner worthy of Manatee County school board posts

July 13, 2014 

Integrity is a word that is often used to describe people who are in leadership positions. Personal integrity is defined as "one's adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character, honesty."

However, as I read people's opinions of who has integrity it seems to me that integrity is like beauty -- it is in the eye of the beholder.

Recently school board candidates Dr. Mary Cantrell and Frank Brunner have had their integrity called into question because they have new addresses.

However, both of these candidates have been up front and said they are residing at these addresses so they can run for the school board.

My question then is why would these two proven leaders risk their reputations and make such large personal and financial sacrifices in order to seek public office?

Perhaps they are doing this because they are people of integrity and courage who are willing to sacrifice their time, money and personal lives to help lead our school district back to the exemplary district it once was.

I am aware that some people think this is already being done, but if you dig deeper than just reading what is printed in the paper you would find a different situation and would realize how desperately we are in need of strong, courageous leaders who put children first, respect all employees, and have a clear knowledge of how Florida schools operate.

Leaders whose decisions will be based on knowledge and fair practices, not personal agendas and feelings.

Based on my 35 years as a teacher and principal in Manatee County and my professional experience with Dr. Cantrell and Mr. Brunner, it is my opinion they are both people of integrity and worthy to lead our school district as school board members.

Minnie King


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