Manatee County shelter dogs undergo training to be adoptable

July 13, 2014 

Allen Anderson, a volunteer with Nate's Honor Animal Rescue, gets dog kisses while the group takes dogs from the Manatee County Animal Services in Palmetto as part of the 24 Hour Giving Challenge in May 2014. TIFFANY TOMPKINS-CONDIE/Bradenton Herald


In response to the letter concerning some pets unsuitable for adoption: You write about the roar of dogs barking at the county shelter, knowing there are many dogs out there. Did you expect a string quartet? Of course they bark, for joy, for attention and from boredom.

Those dogs are getting the training they need to be adoptable, and that is the aim of the people who work and volunteer there. They will be trained and hopefully go to a home where they will be appreciated and loved, not for their looks or cuteness, but for their hearts and devotion.

Why would you try to walk all those pit bulls with no experience? The one who jumped up was probably trying to show gratitude and instead got beat up. That's just what he didn't need.

I adopted my baby last November, and she is such a love and so funny. You should stick to giving money for their care and love what you consider to be a proper dog. Let the professionals decide the fate of the pits.

Darlene L. Gee


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