Bring back good old days when common good ruled

July 13, 2014 

Occasionally I enjoy reading the nostalgic letters of people who yearn for the good old days. A BLT at Woolworth's lunch counter cost 25 cents, a loaf of bread was 15 cents and gasoline topped out at 30 cents a gallon. Those were the days!

I, too, yearn for the good things of the past, like freedom from government surveillance. It used to be the government needed a warrant to eavesdrop on our telephone conversations. Not any more. They have "bulk" warrants to listen in any time they feel like it.

I would like to revert back to the good old days when I could send my kids to school without worrying that they would be gunned down by some gun nut.

I would love to go back to the time when politicians felt they were responsible for solving problems in the interest of the common good, when our bridges were not collapsing, when our roads were not deteriorating.

I can only hope we return to a time when corporations were not considered to be people, and when corporate executives could not dictate their religious beliefs onto their employees.

How great would it be to revert to the days when politicians and corporations promoted manufacturing in the U.S. and did not conspire to demean labor and exploit workers by getting things done for the cheapest price -- in China and the Third World.

I would like to see our politicians rely once again on scientific evidence as the basis of their decisions and not some crackpot ideology that serves the interests of the few over the good of the many.

I long for the days when our politicians sent our young people off to war because they truly believed the enemy meant to destroy us, instead of killing off thousands of our best and brightest on the basis of lies.

Ed Siemaszko

Perico Island

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