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July 12, 2014 



The following parents are proud to announce the births of their babies:

Lakewood Ranch Medical Center

Manatee Memorial Hospital

Verduzco, Elizabeth Zayanna, a girl to Jasmine Rodriguez and Juan Verduzco, Palmetto, June 30, 2014


These couples applied for marriage licenses in Manatee County:

Wednesday, JULY 2, 2014

John Brian Kmitt and Monica Lyn Meyer

Alford Leon Sanders Jr. and Jennifer Latrice Williams

Isaac Laird Newell Jr. and Elizabeth Franks Robin

Julian Alfredo Aguilar-Navarro and Claudia Milena Rendon

Gordon Arthur Matthews Jr. and Melissa Ann Seibert

Robert Leroy Putman and Linda Carol Haywood

Thursday, JULY 3, 2014

Shane Michael Carey and Tasha Shuree Blackwell

Justin Lee McGowan and Kristen Nicole Jones

John James Hall and Renee Lucille Raffensberger

Mitchell Lynn Ponton and Kristine Gail Ruhnke

Hector Luis Rosario Torres and Michelle Damara Santana

Benjamin Patrick Greene and Avery Rachael Fleming

Jonathan Andrew Standifer and Katie Madison Bannister

Chance Cristjan-Rutherford Siefert and Desiree Denah Brigham

Francisco Flores-Martinez and Katheryn Anne Cortuo

Monday, JULY 7, 2014

Michael Donald Benson and Ashley Lauren Kent

Victor Perez and Teresa Lopez-Cruz

Yalieski Pupo Garcia and Madelaine Casandra Yates

Dean Allan Bell and Michele Kay Story

Justin Michael Mills and Sarah Jane Nelson

Robert Andrew Franklin and Kaitlin Marie Boop

William James Trammell and Megan Myschel Saldana

Christopher Gregory Hall and Jessica Louise McCarthy

Fernando Maria Guillen Cuervo and Ana Belen Garcia Milan

Richard Matthew Brown and Donna Arlene Brown

Richard Joseph Rucker and Deonna Renee Affemann

Juan Carlos Rodriguez Jr. and Lili Rodriguez

Jesse Russell Bunker and Mary Jane Niebauer

James Paul Gluvna II and Sara Anne Scheller Kearney

Guillermo Brignon III and Yesenia Suarez

Charles Edward Ramirez and Mayra Rocio Arredondo

Tuesday, JULY 8, 2014

Shawn Ryan Smith and Tiffany Ciera Boettner

Tyler craig Coulson-Jones and Cassie Shay Tucker

Wilmy Moise and Hannah Leigh Ross


These couples filed for divorce in Manatee County:

Wednesday, JULY 2, 2014

Robert L. Bodine Sr. and Barbara Bodine

Tomas Cruz and Lucy Celenia Sanchez Cruz

Anthony Robert Buonagura and Mary Elise Buonagura

Ryan Fox and Tracy Fox

Terry W. Walker and Terri L. Walker

Robert C. Latinka and April L. Latinka

Thursday, JULY 3, 2014

Angel Santaliz and Lacey Santaliz

Jason Todd Barry and Idaliz Diaz Barry

John M. Batavich and Amanda M. Batavich

Terry Ray McCoy Jr. and Crystal McCoy

Erik Ziegler and Ciara Sports

Jason W. Rice and April M. Rice

James Anthony Nagypal and Michelle Renee Nagypal

Anthony S. Duffy and Susan L. Duffy

Craig Andrews and Christa Andrews

Monday, JULY 7, 2014

Norman Morrell Trammell III and Elizabeth Lee Trammell

Jonathan Andrews and Sandra Andrews

Andrew Dean Carothers and Kelly Ann Carothers

Alan Lee Hutches and Lora Marie Hutches

Chad Louis Schweitzer and Ashley Dawn Eannarino

Tuesday, JULY 8, 2014

Ronnie Murphree and Daniela Murphree

Alfredo Aguilera and Gloria Maria Ramirez

Alfonso Zapata and Lucila Cobarrubias

David Santamaria and Erika Cordero-Ochoa


The following civil suits were filed in Manatee County Circuit Court:

Wednesday, JULY 2, 2014

Wendy Parlier vs. Matthew Bower et al (auto negligence)

PMI Mortgage Insurance Company et al vs. Paul J. Butland (contract and indebtedness)

Desantis Consulting LLC vs. Earned Living Investments LLC (contract and indebtedness)

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Jeff R. Patterson et al (mortgage foreclosure)

HSBC Bank NA et al vs. Jonathan E. Hutchins et al (mortgage foreclosure)

HSBC Bank USA NA et al vs. Discover Bank et al (mortgage foreclosure)

PNC Bank NA et al vs. Angel Silva et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Nationstar Mortgage LLC vs. Alice E. Baird (mortgage foreclosure)

Cenlar FSB vs. Robert A. Taylor (mortgage foreclosure)

Federal National Mortgage Association vs. Otto Herrera et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Midfirst Bank vs. David Corona et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Thursday, JULY 3, 2014

Tomas Dasilva vs. Julie Ann Soest et al (auto negligence)

Peter Allick Jorgensen vs. Kayla B. Blackwelder et al (auto negligence)

Alberto Pagani vs. Claire Lange Monroe et al (auto negligence)

Exponential Interactive Inc. vs. Click Magnets LLC (contract and indebtedness)

Chemical Bank vs. Rose M. Adams (contract and indebtedness)

Empire Merchants North LLC vs. Chris Francis (contract and indebtedness)

Discover Bank vs. Richard B. Post (contract and indebtedness)

Joseph A. Guirguis vs. Brian Arnold (other civil circiut)

Suntrust Mortgage Inc. vs. Bryan W. Kelsey et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Bank of America NA vs. James B. Peel et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Nationstar Mortgage LLC vs. Giovanni Coronel et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Monday, JULY 7, 2014

Bank of America NA vs. Karen A. Furst et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Branch Banking and Trust Company vs. Tina M. Soulliere et al (mortgage foreclosure)

US Bank NA et al vs. Cynthia Stephens (mortgage foreclosure)

Manatee County Habitat for Humanity Inc. vs. Michelle Padgette et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Green Tree Servicing LLC vs. Roy L. Kearton et al (mortgage foreclosure)

US Bank NA et al vs. Michellen W. Mears et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Tuesday, JULY 8, 2014

Alexandra Peters vs. Gordon Food Service LLC et al (auto negligence)

Brittany Stone vs. George T. Corombos et al (auto negligence)

RBS Citizens NA vs. Kurt M. Bender et al (contract and indebtedness)

RBS Citizens NA vs. Virginia M. Solokis (contract and indebtedness)

Bank of America NA vs. Surojnie Khargie et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Bruce C. Browne et al vs. Leslie Giammatteo et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Wells Fargo Bank vs. Sherri L.Lapoint et al (mortgage foreclosure)

US Bank NA vs. Steve Valin et al (mortgage foreclosure)

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