Keep borders protected, closed to illegals

July 12, 2014 

While our hearts are open to these illegal Hispanic children crossing our borders, we must remain firm to keeping our borders protected and closed to illegals.

Yes, our "doors" should remain open as they were for our forefathers but that's the front door. We can't feed the world; in fact we are having a hard enough time feeding our own citizens!

One method to help this sad situation is to put our already trained returning military personnel on our borders. That will keep them employed and can protect our borders and help keep up our military strength (if ever needed).

It would reunite many military families. Instead of paying out welfare (which most people don't want), why not keep people working by protecting our borders from these illegals and drugs?

This would be a win-win situation instead of a total loss, which it is now.

We need to put pride back into our country!

Robert Petty


Real reason Crist name erased off NASCAR

The real reason they took Charlie Crist's name off the NASCAR vehicle was they were afraid it would change direction in the middle of the race and go the other way! Charlie is known for that!

Russell E. Frederick


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