American exceptional because of unique freedoms

July 12, 2014 

Why America is exceptional:

Yes, celebrating July Fourth is wonderful fun. What we are really celebrating is our independence from the rule of a king.

In their wisdom, our founders gave us, and the world, a new "idea." It was that the people would rule themselves and that their rights come from God, not from kings, tyrants and dictators.

That idea was the first time it had ever been tried. There is no other nation who has done it.

That is the real reason why we are called, "exceptional." That word is misunderstood, even by those who call themselves constitutional scholars.

Thank God that after 238 years, we still have a republic, but some of it may be threatened. The founders made sure that our rights could never be taken from us. They stated clearly in our Constitution that those rights come from God, not politicians.

I fear that our rights are now being challenged. Remember when it was OK to have the kids play games at school? School curricula and grading methods are mandated.

We are being told what we can eat and what we can say. Political correctness has taken over every aspect of our lives.

Look at the nations whose people want freedom and are shedding their blood to get it. The sad thing is that they don't get it!

Tyrants who are in power do not give up without a fight. We've seen that they will kill their own people to hold onto it.

If we ever lose our freedom, that could happen to us. We would have to fight to be free all over again, as we did in the Revolutionary War.

So, let's remember why we celebrate the Fourth -- it's about our freedom.

Gene Ciliberti

Holmes Beach

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