No new taxes, revise spending priorities

July 11, 2014 

In his July 4 letter to the editor, Mr. John Darovec wrote in favor of a "revenue-neutral carbon tax." Well, a tax is a tax is a tax.

We don't need more taxes in this country. What we do need is less government spending along with a revised set of spending priorities.

An example: A June 27 headline read "Obama seeks $500 million to train and equip Syrian rebels." An earlier headline read "Nation strapped for highway cash."

So why not cut back on some of the money we waste in the name of foreign aid and put those valuable dollars to work here rebuilding our rapidly declining transportation infrastructure, which in effect is the lifeblood of our economy?

On May 24 another Herald headline read "Kerry agrees to testify on Benghazi attack." Why John Kerry instead of "what difference does it make" Hillary Clinton?

This happened on her watch, not his!

What a blatant attempt to protect her possible future candidacy.

Then on June 29, Dan Young wrote a letter in which he espoused that growth in Lakewood Ranch is responsible for "blight in other areas." What kind of rationale is that? I do not live in Lakewood Ranch but I would sure like to have that statement clarified in some detail. Growth always has been and always will be with us. Get used to it.

Last but not least, on July 1, Mike McLeod wrote that a military "coup" might be needed to save this country. Now I agree with Mr. McLeod 99 percent of the time but military coups or intervention has been the bane of other countries around the world. It has never worked.

We need a political tune-up in America but not a total overhaul. I wish everyone thinking along those lines could read the book or watch the movie "Seven Days in May."

David Altenbach


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