In thanks for tribute to nation's Christian roots

July 11, 2014 

Thank you so very much for the Bradenton Herald's July 4 page entitled "In God We Trust" (a paid advertisement from Hobby Lobby). It was such a joy to read the words of our forefathers and their referrals to the importance of Christianity in our country's birth and future.

It is a rare occurrence nowadays to find such an expression of Christian belief in a public document. I thoroughly enjoyed every word of the references on the page.

Having grown up in Lexington, Mass., having had two ancestors taking part in the Revolutionary War, being a member of the Daughters of the Revolution, and having been steeped in the history of our country from my earliest childhood, I was absolutely thrilled to come upon such material, on that most special of all days, the Fourth of July, birthday of the Declaration of Independence!

I shall keep this page in my scrapbook along with my other trophies regarding our nation's history and pass a copy along to my relatives and friends around the country so they may enjoy sharing this blessing.

I salute you for your patriotism in printing this wonderful collection of the precious words of our beloved country's Founding Fathers and their foreign friends.


Jane E. Carey


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