U.S. a democracy, not a military-led nation

July 8, 2014 

In response to Mr. Mike McLeod's recent rant, I've just got to say -- yeah! Let's turn the United States into a "banana republic," or maybe even like Egypt or a number of other countries that have had military coups.

And guess what? Those same countries are led by, gee, what are they called? Oh yes, dictators. Or maybe Mr. McLeod would prefer the term El Presidente.

Either way, anyone promoting such actions, as far as I'm concerned, are promoting nothing less than sedition, mutiny and treason. That's not how this country works.

When I was in service, and Mr. McLeod has said he was, too, I remember a saying: "I may not agree with what you say, but I'll fight for your right to say it."

That's how this country works. Not by having a military coup every time you disagree with somebody.

Just break open a history book and look what happened in Germany, for example, during the 1930s.

Thomas Steveley

Bradenton Beach

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