Supreme Court operating in highly partisan manner

July 8, 2014 

Supreme Court Birth Control

This photo taken June 30, 2014, shows demonstrators reacting outside the Supreme Court in Washington after hearing the court's decision on the Hobby Lobby case. The next difficult question likely to be resolved by the court: how much distance from an immoral act is enough? Religious-oriented nonprofit groups already could opt out of covering the contraceptives. But they say the accommodation provided by the Obama administration still does not go far enough because, though not on the hook financially, they remain complicit in the provision of some or all government-approved contraceptives to women covered by their plans. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)


In my opinion, the U.S. Supreme Court is no longer functioning as a separate nonpartisan entity within our government.

The justices are no longer arbiters who have their decisions based solely on the U.S. Constitution. They have clearly shown over the last 10 years that they are not in a position to make decisions for all Americans.

Our Constitution was written by men who understood that government was of the people and for the people, not in a position to endow corporations with more rights than the individual American.

Citizens United was an evil decision -- a decision to continue to give more and more power to those who already have an abundant amount of power because of their wealth.

I as an individual have one thing going for me: my voice. I do not have money to throw at the wolves in Washington, D.C.

Our Supreme Court continues to make decisions on behalf of partisan politics and by money, greed and power. Let's go back to basics.

Corporations and CEOs have no right, according to the U.S. Constitution, to decide who you are, what you do and how you think. This is why we are Americans.

Under the Constitution, we have a given right to base our decisions on our beliefs. There was always, in the past, a clear path to understand that individual freedoms were very different from what corporations decide on; they base their understanding on the needs of the company.

I hear a lot of complaints that our great country needs to return to the past. I agree, in as far as in the past, individuals and the rights of individuals were what this country was based on. This is no longer so.

The Supreme Court has destroyed individual rights by throwing its power behind corporations and outdated political parties.

Katherine J. McDonald


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