DeSoto Square mall should be saved, improved

July 8, 2014 


The DeSoto Square Mall will be up for auction next month. GRANT JEFFERIES/Bradenton Herald


In the Bradenton Herald on July 1, the headline was "Locals look for better options for DeSoto Square." How many locals were asked?

I am a local in West Bradenton and I don't agree. There are many seniors living in Bradenton who don't want to drive for a half-hour or more to get to a nice shopping mall.

Let's make DeSoto Square mall just that -- a nice shopping mall in the neighborhood. Give DeSoto Square a facelift, advertise on Facebook, keep it safe, get back the stores that have left and bring back the good restaurants in the food area that attract healthy-minded people.

Also, the movie theater is an attraction for many of the locals. If someone wants the BIG MALL atmosphere, they can always travel to enjoy a day out.

Those who are worried about DeSoto Square being a competitor, there is room for big and smaller.

Marilou Springborn


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