No Kill a good policy, but some animals unsuitable for adoption

July 7, 2014 

Manatee County officials have received two proposals for a comprehensive evaluation of its Animal Services Division by outside groups. This is Animal Services' adoption center in downtown Bradenton. PHOTO BY MARC R. MASFERRER/Bradenton Herald

It sounds great having a No Kill animal shelter policy in place here in Manatee County. All the animal lovers (I am one) raise money, etc., to help with the overwhelming number of strays picked up each day in this county.

I went to walk these dogs, incarcerated in a shelter, thinking it would be good to help volunteer. How sad and dangerous it was when I actually went to do this.

The deafening roar of dogs barking and knowing this is their life now was depressing.

The majority of the dogs are pit bulls and shouldn't be adopted as they have no sense or training and have no interaction with humans and inside living.

I walked three pit bulls who loved being out of their cage but were obviously not adoptable. The fourth pit bull challenged me in the parking lot by jumping up at my face and trying to knock me to the ground.

He was so strong and I tried to call for help before the pit bull overpowered me. I ended up having to punch the dog multiple times and forcing him to the ground, where I sat on him until I caught my breath.

I was sopping wet from sweat from exertion and fear. I was able to get the dog back in the stall and I never went back again.

So to all the advocates out there promoting the No Kill policy, some dogs and cats just need to be put down. It is far more humane than living in a cage the rest of their lives or going with someone who plans to use them for dog fighting.

Soon we will need zoos for all the unadoptable dogs and cats as there will be too many for our shelters to care for.

Joanne Lindsay


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