Christian army must arise for salvation of nation

July 7, 2014 

Hopefully the Christians are coming.

Every effort is being expended to subvert Christian tenets and allegiance by secularists, progressives, humanists, atheists, elitists and their dupes.

Those mentioned actually make up relatively small numbers of society but they are well placed to spread their views and have caused great harm to the people and this country.

Those who do not believe don't want you to believe either.

They alone will not succeed in substituting their world view in place of Christian morals and ethics on which this country was founded.

Practicing Christians will not be able to turn the tide of the so-called "new thinking" mentality either.

Ultimately the salvation of traditional America lies in the hands of those who claim Christianity as their faith but do not practice it or financially support the church's ongoing struggle to expand the faith and build schools. They number in the tens of millions, a truly vast army.

The task before us is not that difficult, and the rewards for saving this nation might include finding one's own salvation.

A great place to get started with this noble effort is right here in Manatee County. Imagine having the financial ability to offer a Christian education to every Christian child as well as others.

God is not dead nor is he out of touch, which brings to mind the following story. A story I will never forget.

After World War II, a survivor of Dachau concentration camp had a conversation with God. The survivor asked God, "How could you have allowed this holocaust to happen? You should have sent someone."

God replied, "I did, I sent you."

Only time will tell if this vast army will recognize their mission and join with the faithful. Perhaps after quiet reflection it will become clear that God sent you.

Patrick Neylan


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