Soap opera updates: Chaos erupts at Sammy and EJ's wedding on 'Days'

Creators SyndicateJuly 6, 2014 

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Maya takes the focus off of her transgression by playing the voice recording of Oliver to Rick and Caroline. Oliver joins Aly, Pam and Charlie for a fun night of medieval festivities filled with food, fun and jousting knights. Hope begins to wonder if Quinn has anything to do with Liam's unfortunate accident and injury. Deacon becomes curious about what Quinn is up to as he observes her working on her latest. Suspicious about what Quinn has been up to, Deacon questions her regarding her whereabouts earlier in the evening. Head over heels for Oliver after their magical night together, Aly pens a love note to him. Oliver justifies his feelings for Aly when Rick and Caroline confront him about the voice recording. Wyatt assures Hope that Quinn might be manipulative, but she isn't dangerous. A shaken Liam recounts his terrifying encounter with Quinn in his home the evening before to Hope. Knowing what Quinn is capable of, Wyatt angrily confronts his mother about whether or not she was the cause of Liam's injury. Deacon gets on Quinn's bad side when he verbally hits her where it hurts with a comment about Wyatt. Brooke gets a surprise visit that is accompanied with an unexpected proposition. Wyatt is taken aback by the serious allegations toward his mother that Liam and Hope have made. Bill and Deacon come face-to-face for the first time in years.

SNEAK PEAK: Brotherly Love.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Kate is stunned when she learns Clyde's connection to Jordan. Jordan and Ben discuss their past -- and why they've been running all these years. Eve learns intriguing information when she finally gets around to visiting her sister, Theresa. Theresa isn't pleased when Eve flirts with Brady. Jennifer reaches out to Daniel. Chaos erupts at Sami and EJ's wedding! Roman uses Giselle to make Marlena jealous. EJ is certain Stefano is to blame for his troubles. Hope questions Aiden about his deceased wife. Marlena and Roman rush to Sami's side to support their daughter.

SNEAK PEEK: Brady threatens John.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: A jealous Franco intends to tell Michael that Sonny killed AJ. Meanwhile, Sonny returns home to discover that Ava has invited her mother, Delia, to stay at his house. Desperate to pay off his drug dealers, Rafe makes up a story to Silas in order to get money. Sam and Patrick discover the owner of the car that allegedly caused the accident. Sam continues to put more pieces together regarding the crash. Ava enlists Delia's help in order to protect her from Sonny. Nathan arrives at Maxie and Nathan's protest, and tells them to clear out before he arrests them. Alice catches Tracy up to no good in Michael's office. Lulu learns if she can carry the embryo to term. Ned and Alexis discuss whether or not Tracy and Luke might be in cahoots. Nathan and Maxie accidentally find themselves in a compromising position. Alice proceeds to tell Michael the truth about Tracy, but suddenly gets sidelined. Nina continues to mislead Silas. Patrick shares a difficult reality with Emma. Britt enlists Spencer to help her win back Nikolas. Maxie and Nathan share a tender moment. During the fireworks, Alexis and TJ have an awkward encounter.

SNEAK PEEK: Alice fights for her life.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Dylan sneaks into Paul's room as Paul slips in and out of consciousness. Nikki wonders if she would have kept Dylan if she knew Paul was the father. Victor tells Victoria the news that Dylan is actually Paul's son. Ian arrives at the hospital and asks what happened to his son. Avery responds by smacking him across the face. Ian does not accuse Nikki of lying. Ian has a proposition for Leslie -- he won't tell anyone that she revealed privileged information if she agrees to represent him. Victor and Nick decide to ramp up their plans to figure out Ian's endgame. Kelly tells Stitch that Jack knows the truth about their relationship.

SNEAK PEEK: Jack of all trades.

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