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July 6, 2014 

Happy thoughts on aging, indeed, with 'Jersey Boys'

Originally published on June 30

Happy thoughts on aging ...

Yes, Manatee County has a large elderly population, and although it may have been a little disconcerting when I first moved here at age 29, I now find comfort and solace in the fact that being 65 means I have a sizable group of peers.

We share a history, and even if we don't know one another, we have a life in common. Never was this more apparent than when I attended a recent gathering.

It was not a symposium on aging or a health fair for seniors. It was, in fact, the showing of the new movie "Jersey Boys," the story of the group the Four Seasons.

As I entered the theater, I scanned the audience and then watched as a steady stream of viewers filled the seats. I spotted maybe five people who were under the age of 55. I was not surprised.

We were there to share a common bond, music from our youth, memories that would come surging back as we tapped our feet and softly sang all the lyrics to the songs.

These were songs that carried us through first loves, break-ups and all the possibilities of what life had in store. And it was fun being young again.Hopefully, most of us came away with a sense of not how many years have passed but what we still have left to give and share. This is witnessed every day in this county by the countless volunteered hours and active participation in all types of issues

I don't think the young woman who moved here so many years ago and felt outnumbered by the elderly would have ever believed she would one day embrace that very same age bracket as comrades.

All it takes is a concert, old film footage from the 1960s, or a movie to bring us together.

So here's to all of us, 55 and older, who still make this world a better place!

Sandra L. Pollock


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