Term limits vital to changing Washington political culture

July 6, 2014 

My fellow citizens, I wonder if you have the same opinion of our government as I? I believe our government has no concern for we the people.

I believe the majority of problems we face trying to live our lives is the result of decisions made in Washington, D.C.

Americans need jobs, yet our government chooses to hold up the Keystone pipeline to please over-reaching environmentalists and political donors.

The EPA, with no input from citizens, has decided coal-fired power plants should be closed. The result is lost jobs and higher prices for every human event that uses the electricity produced by those power plants. The examples are limitless.

Both parties and the president are insisting that more illegal immigrants must be given citizenship despite the fact that more legal citizens are without permanent full-time jobs than since the end of World War II. In fact, the only segment in America showing job growth is aliens.

Many believe the motives behind giving citizenship to illegal aliens for Republicans are cheap labor for big business, and for Democrats additional voters.

A study reported this spring from two respected universities, Princeton and Northwestern, showed new laws always favored special interests with only rare coincidental benefits to citizens.

When we elect neighbors to represent us in Washington, I would hope they start with their constituents' interests in mind.

Unfortunately the siren song of power and money take control of so many that in time they begin to believe they are smarter and worthier than their voters. We continue to re-elect them and this reinforces their beliefs.

The study above concludes the U.S. is no longer a republic but is now an oligarchy, which describes governmental control in the hands of a few.

We can change this by amending our Constitution to term limit those in Washington, D.C. which would blunt their out-of-control power trip.

James Troxler


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