U.S. leaders wrong to back Palestinian statehood

July 6, 2014 

Three innocent Israeli boys dead. "Senseless," -- Obama. "Despicable," -- Kerry.

"Heinous, incomprehensible, revolting, contemptible."

Our leaders seem to think that if they just can find the right word, the Palestinians will understand that terror is reviled, and they'll get it and behave like civilized, rational people.

But our leaders are the ones who don't get it. The Palestinians invented terror. It is their "gift" to mankind. They revel in it.

They danced in the streets after 911.

Polled last week after the kidnappings, the majority of them deemed it the right thing to do. Bombs in planes? -- Wonderful. On buses? -- All the better. Schools? -- Great. Restaurants, banquets, synagogues, airports -- blow them all up!

The sooner we grasp how pathologically sick this Palestinian culture is, the sooner will we begin to comprehend how to deal with them.

In all of human history, they have never been a nation. They have done nothing to earn nationhood now. They worship death, and teach it to their children.

There are dozens of Islamic republics. There is one Jewish state -- Israel. It existed thousands of years ago, has been continually present there ever since, has survived multiple invasions, and has a right to exist (which the Palestinians have never honestly acknowledged) today.

It also has the right to protect itself from terror, just as would any other sovereign state.

Let's stop pretending a Palestinian state has the right to co-exist besides Israel. It doesn't. Its people have not earned it.

Israel should annex these territories in response to this unspeakable culture, destroy its armaments and terrorist forces, fortify defensible borders, and surround and block themselves off from these murderers in their midst.

And it should stop listening to American politicians who would build their legacies on Jewish corpses.

Alan Wolfson

Lakewood Ranch

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