Paul Thomas a solid candidate for Bradenton City Council

July 1, 2014 

Of course everyone should check the facts, even Mr. Gene Gallo.

Mr. Gallo pointed out that Mr. Paul Thomas was president of his Bradenton city employees union and attempted to negotiate with the city during what Mr. Gallo called "... one of the greatest recessions that this city has dealt with."

Apparently, Mr. Gallo believes that union members who are residents of the city will not be voters or he might not imply that union workers have no right to ask for a raise, no matter how modest, during the time of "the greatest recession" and under which union members also suffer.

But the fact is Mr. Thomas did not ask for a raise that would affect taxes. Another fact is that city workers have not received a cost-of-living raise in the last 16 years!

Mr. Gallo stated that the City Council has "... been working on replacing old infrastructure every year." About fixing the streets, he says that they "... have been doing a little each year."

The Bradenton Herald reported that they are about $3 million to $4 million behind what needs to be done.

As former city worker of 20 years, Mr. Thomas knows the infrastructure. Clearly the council could use his help.

Mr. Gallo wrote: "I brought up a discussion about how we could do all and fund it." Is this an example of the kind of facts Mr. Gallo requires of others?

The irony of a former Bradenton fire chief writing a letter against a former city worker running for City Council suggests how seriously he and the council are taking Paul Thomas' candidacy. He is a serious threat to those who do not listen to their constituency.

Note: Any qualified city voter can vote for Mr. Thomas, not just those in Ward 3.

Doug Calhoun


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