Gallery for June 30: Flyboard exhilaration

June 30, 2014 

Jonathon Brockhoff, 22, rockets over the bay Sunday off the Palma Sola causeway while riding a Flyboard. Brockhoff said he has been a fan of the sport for the last couple years, so much so he started his own Flyboard rental business with the help of family and a couple of obliging local banks. It's difficult to accurately describe the sensation of riding atop the powerful jets of water -- powered by a flexible hose attached to a nearby 180-horsepower personal watercraft -- but free-flying across the surface of the water is nothing short of exhilarating. Though customers may disagree on the exact superlatives, adding "rocket man (or rocket woman)," to anyone's list of achievements should rate high on the so-called "bucket list." Brockhoff said it takes about five minutes for a first-timer to acclimate to the board. Experienced riders can plummet underwater and suface repeatedly -- a sight to behold, much like the dolphins that frequent the causeway. For more information about Brockhoff's fledgling Flyboard business, visit or call 941-565-1727.


Photo gallery, June 30, 2014

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