Again with Hillary Clinton's indifference on vital issues

June 30, 2014 

What difference does it make ... again!

I recently read an article quoting Hillary Clinton during her book tour in Toronto. When asked why the Obama administration is delaying a decision on the oil pipeline that is causing tension in their relationship, Mrs. Clinton responded: "I did not see it nor should it be a proxy for the relationship" between Canada and the U.S. "It is, after all, one pipeline."

In other words, "What difference does it make." What an answer and attitude to our closest ally.

In other words, I'm here to sell books so let's get on with it.

Again, the ex-secretary of state did not "see it as a problem." Same as Benghazi: "What difference does it make."

Of course, we must take into consideration that she did tell us how poor she and Bill Clinton were when they left the presidential office, so she does have to get down to business and sell more books to get out of debt.

Of course Chelsea Clinton will never have that problem. She and husband Marc Mesvinsky, after her $3 million wedding, just bought a $10 million apartment in New York City.

In case you didn't know, Marc is the son of Ed Mesvinsky, once a Democrat congressman and close friend of the Clintons who was arrested in the 1970s on a $10 million Ponzi scheme.

Although Ed Mesvinsky still owes millions to the victims, his son Marc (or Chelsea's mom) has to come up with enough "bucks" for the apartment.

Funny how things just seem to work out for the Clintons, regardless of all the problems they had to go through with Bill's craziness and poor Hillary had to just put up with it. But like she said, "what difference does it make."

Joseph Fanelli


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