How could climate change be a massive conspiracy?

June 30, 2014 

If climate change isn't happening, why are ice sheets shrinking, ocean temperatures and levels rising, glaciers receding, and weather systems changing toward the extreme-causing floods and droughts outside the norm and other abnormal weather events?

Most of this recorded data goes back minimally 50 years.

Is all this evidence of something serious happening being documented by scientists working for NASA real, or has all this data been falsely generated as part of some liberal government-motivated agenda and is a conspiracy intended to corrupt America, kill jobs and collapse our economy (for some strange reason) deliberately?

Is NASA and hundreds of renowned oceanographic, atmospheric and meteorological scientists worldwide all in on this global "lie" and conspiracy along with all the world's geologists, physicists, anthropologists and evolutionary biologists who all "know" the Earth is only 6,000 and 10,000 years old and that humans never evolved but have also falsified their data as a fictitious fabrication?

Are ice core samples going back hundreds of thousands of years, carbon 14 dating of fossils and radiometric dating of rocks contradicting the biblical Earth age all a falsehood of deception despite the corroborating peer results of hundreds of scientists worldwide who have never met each other?

Environmental regulations obviously affect profits. Carbon-based fossil fuels yield enormous profits, not just for those in bed with the oil and coal companies, but for those who own stock in them as well.

It seems Republicans are fixated only on issues that affect their wealth desires and little else.

Those who truly believe that global warming isn't happening and the science behind it is a lie, or are aware it is indeed happening and simply deny it, mostly seem to be religious-minded conservatives who usually align with Republicanism.

I can't help but wonder why.

Gerrard Wilbur


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