2 Tampa-area beaches test high for enterococci bacteria

June 29, 2014 

Two Tampa-area beaches closed by bacteria.

TAMPA -- High levels of bacteria have been detected in the water of two Tampa beaches.

Picnic Island Beach and Ben T. Davis Beach were found to have high levels of enterococci bacteria.

Beachgoers Sunday enjoyed the beach without swimming in it.

"Reading a book, walking around and just pretty much enjoying this Sunday off, but not the water,” said one couple.

The bacteria often causes human diseases, rashes and infections.

Julian Torres and his young brother swam in the water not knowing what was in it.

"I need to take a bath and clean myself because this is nasty," said Torres.

"I'm not going in. I'm going to grab my little bag and go somewhere else," said one woman.

Despite all of the risk, some people out here don't mind getting their feet wet.

"I don't see any reason it might be a problem," said one fisherman.

Most beachgoers felt it was a problem and decided either leave or just enjoy being near the water.

The beach will be resampled Monday.

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