Family tries to cope as investigation continues in double fatal hit-and-run

June 26, 2014 


ST. PETERSBURG -- As St. Petersburg police continue to investigate the hit-and-run crash that killed two women, the third woman in the crash remains in critical condition.

According to investigators, a Chrysler four-door sedan was heading south on 16th Street at a high rate of speed when it collided with the Saturn the three women were in making a left turn onto 16th Street.

Officers responding to the crash said the Saturn was engulfed in flames when they arrived to the scene.

The driver of the car, Grace Lashawn Collier, managed to make it out of the vehicle with the help of a few men who were at a barbershop across the street. They also tried to pull the other women out.

"But she was stuck and then that's when the flames hit the roof and I started crying,” said Jeremiah Cobbs.

Two other women in the Saturn, 24-year-old Briana Lequinda Campbell, and 21-year-old Jamesia Chera Santoria Lang died at the scene. Collier is the aunt of Campbell and Lang.

Collier, 25, was flown to Tampa General Hospital with severe burns. She underwent surgery and was listed in critical condition with burns to her lower body and internal injuries.

The driver and any other occupants of the Chrysler were already out of the car and had left the scene by the time police arrived. Police have not found them yet.

St. Petersburg police say they expect to make an arrest. The owner of the Chrysler, who was not driving the car during the crash, is cooperating.

Meanwhile, family members are trying to make sense of the crash.

"It really hurts," said uncle Reginald Campbell.

He said he spoke with his nieces earlier on Wednesday and that they were excited to go out to a club.

The women had no idea they'd never see their children again.

"We look at the kids," said Campbell. "Brianna, she had three kids and Grace had two and Jemesia had one little boy. And we just trying to, as a family, seeing how we going to get together and raise these kids."

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