Time to bomb U.S. enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan

June 26, 2014 

OK, it is time to quit horsing around in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Twenty some years ago Libya was causing an uproar. President Ronald Reagan sent bombers in. Problem solved.

If he were president today he would bomb the heck out of the Taliban in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan border. Sounds mercenary? No, it's either them or us!

Our commander-in-blunders has too many acquaintances in the area. He should be impeached for making dumb decisions without notifying Congress.

I am 83 and can hardly stand to listen to the news every morning.

Now we have a financial burden with thousands crossing our borders. Where is Congress in all this? Padding each others pockets. No one is honest any more.

Let's save what's left of our country.

John Walker


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