NBA robbing team owner on troublesome issues

June 26, 2014 

The Donald Sterling case in four simple steps, or how to seize a family-owned basketball franchise that's not for sale.

1. Identify someone with intimate access to the team's owner and promise to reward her richly for her service.

2. Instruct her on how to secure evidence against the man. During intimate "pillow talk" conversation, she is taught to lead the man into making comments that may appear to be "racist" in nature and to secretly record the conversation.

3. Release the illegally gathered information to willing accomplices in the press. Rely on them to whip up the public opinion and outrage against the team's owner.

4. Threaten to unleash boycotts against the team and its sponsors. Threaten to damage the league's reputation.

Intimidation. Works every time it's tried!

Mona Schonbrunn

Longboat Key

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